HIV and Resistance

Resistance and HIV Treatment
Nov 1 2005, 01:00 pm
I first became resistant to treatment around 1996. Just before the protease inhibitors came out in 1997, I was on a regimen of AZT and DDI. Because I began to develope Peripheral Neuropathy, I was taken off of the DDI, which is Neurotoxic. Thanks to the Almighty, in 1997 the Protease inhibitors came out. I was first put on Crixivan. Because I developed abdominal pain assiciated with pancreatitis, my doctor took me off the crix and put me on Epivir. Because I developed diarrhea with epivir, she changed me to another PI. So on and so forth, the side effects caused me to change from one drug to the next, until the HIV strain in me developed resistance to treatment. There are many reasons why HIV can become resistant. The following are a few of them:1. Alcohol and illicit drug use.2. Failure to comply with the prescribed regimen.3. High sugar and fat diet (prevents full absorbsion of the meds) Sugar weakens the immune system. 4. Tobacco Use (weakens the immune system).5. HIV strains mutated prior to infection.6. Unprotected sex with another HIV poz partner.7. Side effects that cause one to have to change meds often.I am sure there are others, and I hope that those of you who are aware of them will feel free to add your comments.

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