Monthly Archives: December 2005

Forth Infusion Completed December 15th

This past Thursday we completed the forth infusion, which is the final one. I waited three weeks after the third to give the viral load time to come down. Shortly after the 3rd infusion, the viral load went ballistic. Virxsys has a protocol for such an event. Evidently this happened to another patient in the program. The procedure was simple: take a viral load each week until the level is acceptable. Then, the company ran one more test to verify that the viral load had stablelized. I received the last infusion this past Thursday. The procedure was uneventful and straight forward.
Now it is time to wait for the next 12 months to pass. During that time I will be monitored by lab work, first on a month, then on a three month basis. The full effect of this therapy will be know at the end of the first year, as far as how it suppresses the virus. The total results are unkown since this is a brand new procedure. TIME will tell. Peace…..