January 30th More Difficulties

Recently my blood pressure has been running high and the cold is still lingering. In addition, it looks like I may have an outbreak of Human Papillomavirus Disease, HPD. THis is a virus that can cause transient infection of cellular tissue and in HIV-1 patients can lead to cancer. I have had some trouble with my bowels for quite some time, but a few days ago I had quite a bit of blood in my stool, along with swollen tissue. I am being sent to a surgeon this Wednesday at the university to find out my options. I am almost certain they will want to take a biopsy, at the least. I will be happy to donate one if this means we will detect early and treat a problem that could get worse down the road. I hope medicare pays enough!
The new Medicare Drug coverage plans suck. I am still waiting to get the low income subsidy approved so that I can get my drugs refilled. I am currently on the following: Combivire, Viread, Fuzeon, (these are for HIV); metoprolol for blood pressure and heart rhythm; Cymbalta and Neurontin for Fibrous Poly Neuropathy; Requip for RLS (restless leg syndrom); Darvocett for the myriad types of pain, and Imetrex for Migrain head aches. These make nine drugs right now. The co-pay for the Fuzeon alone under my current plan, Prescription Pathways is $2000.00. The three antivirals for HIV are the last 3 I can take, as I am resistant to all the others, so I have no choice. I simply cannot afford to not take my meds. This would help the virus become resistant to those, and then I would simply be out of luck. I explained this to the prescription company, to Social Security( 3 times), and to medicare and to the Kentucky Clinic Pharmacy. Whether vrx496 will actually work for me is mute in the face of the debacle of Medicare part D for hundreds of thousands of others. The program is a bureaucratic mess at the expess of the health of the elderly and the disabled.

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