Where is The Leadership?

OK, I was a bit harsh January 30th. I am alowing myself that one because my veteranship with this disease let’s me. This has not been an easy fifteen years. Finally, Yesterday, I was able to talk with a very nice Agent at the Social Security Administration’s Baltimore office. After nearly 20 other calls in the past few months, I finally got one who took the extra mile with me. When she realized I was serious and not exaggerating, she contacted her manager, who is now working on my behalf to push through the extra help. Other people may not have the abiblity to be as persistant and tenacious as I, and I wonder how many are going to suffer health consequences because they have to miss doses of meds. I know a lot about how these meds work, because I have been on all of them. This is no casual matter. It is serious. How many cancer patients are in the same boat. How many others with various diseases have the same need. Clearly, Medicare and Social Security were not administrated properly and with the correct priorities to see this new program effeciently executed. They do have some records. They do know who is disabled. They know how old some people are. Where is the leadership?

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