Health Update

The Good News is on a couple of fronts. First of all, it appears that I do not have HPV. I have a large thrombosis, which the Doctor is watching. I will have a more thorough exam in two weeks just to make sure nothing else is going on,

The labs from my regular quarterly visit have come back, and even though the Cd4 is down a bit, the percent of cd4 to lymphocytes is risen. These results are those pertaining to my regular physician and not Virxsys data, so I can comment. Keep in mind that labs differ in methodology, and numbers from one should not be compared to the other. I am sure that when Virxsys has definitive numbers from the trials, and the time is right, they will publish the data.
The plan is that my immune system will rebuild itself to the point that I can come off the toxic meds all together, which would be great. My life will take, as it is already beginning to, a new direction; one that may lead me back to college to finish my degree.
My blood pressure has been running a bit high and the low back problem is still a hassle. I have asked my Orthopedist to send me back to physical therapy, and he has. I am waiting on Medicare to straighten out the Prescription mess to find out how much money I will have for the copays for the therapist. It may be possible that the Ryan White grant may pick up the copays for the therapy. I am waiting on a reply about that as well.
When my back and abs are strengthened enough, I am going to join the YMCA again, to swim, lift weights, and work out. It will be interesting to see how much the peripheral neuropathy flares up when I start walking a treadmill. Last time, my feet gave me heck. However, this type of pain is something I am willing to put up with in order to get more strength over all. I also simply want to loose the tire I am starting to retread around my waist!

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