More On Medicare

I finally saw the broadcast of the Bar Association in San Francisco last authorized. Sen. Clinton hit the nail on the head with her explanation of the “Double Hit” patients. These are they who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid. I was in this situation in Kentucky, because of the low income of SSD. Ky law set up a scale to rate people on the SSD benefit. If they, as I do, receive less than a certain amount, state Medicaid picked up the premiums for Medicaid, the co-pays for the doctors, and the 20 percent of bills not covered by Medicare. This was great for a person like myself who only receives 910.00 per month, which has to cover rent, utilities, food, gas, insurance, debt, and everything else we all incur. But, with the new plan D, that coverage stopped.
I contacted the Prescription Plan I am signed up with in December, as well as Medicare, and both parties informed me that my application for the Low Income Subsidy would go through automatically. This mis information is what has caused all the trouble. In addition, non of the insurance companies cover all the meds. Each formulary is way too limited for chronic patients who are on many prescriptions. What I do not understand is why a contengency plan was not initiated when the legislation was inacted 2 years ago. How many folks are going without their meds? This is shameful in a nation such as ours. I believe Washington’s priorities are a bit clowded. On the one hand, homeland security is certainly a must, but if hundreds of thousans of folk suffer due to lack of medication, isn’t that a bit of an oxymoron?

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