Smiles Under Adverstiy

Little league first baseman Layson Alivado smiles as he tags another out during the World Series last week. At first base, or at bat, Layson showed great character for a child his age. Even when his team was the underdog, Layson kept the smile on his face. Even when the umpires made two bad calls, his demeanor stayed the same. Thinking of Layson reminds me of the words of St. Paul to the Corinthians: “…in everything making it clear that we are the servants of God, in quiet strength, in troubles, in need, in sorrow, In blows, in prisons, in attacks, in hard work, in watching, in going without food; In a clean heart, in knowledge, in long waiting, in being kind, in the Holy Spirit, in true love, In the true word, in the power of God; with the arms of righteousness on the right hand and on the left, By glory and by shame, by an evil name and a good name; as untrue, and still true; Unnoted, but still kept fully in mind; as near to death, but still living; as undergoing punishment, but not put to death; As full of sorrow, but ever glad; as poor, but giving wealth to others; as having nothing, but still having all things.”
II Co 6:4-10

Think of maintaining one’s purpose and character in the face of that list. Paul speaks of troubles, sorrow, blows, prisons, attacks, hard work, hunger, being spoken evil of, shame, obscurity, and being near death. Wow! Many of us have stories of life journey that has taken us to a few of these places, yet I doubt that even a few of us have had to face all of these things. Now, here is the test: pick out just one of those adversities on the list you have faced. Think about how you did in comparison to Paul’s description of Christian character.

By the way, I forgot to mention that Layson Alivado is the smallest guy on the team. Down by 3, and up to bat in the last inning of regulation play, Layson got on first with a walk, and his team mates batted him in, hitting two home runs to tie the game, putting it into an extra inning. They went on to win 7 to 6 over Currasoa. They are now the 2005 World Champions of the Little League.

How many Big Leaguers” like us can act like little Layson in face of a challenge or adversity? Jesus said that in this world we would face adversity, but we should be of good cheer, because He overcame the world. Layson had a smile on his face the whole series long.
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“When the foe comes like a flood, the Spirit of Jehovah
Shall cause him to flee.” Isaiah 59:19

I am overwhelmed as I realize that I wrote the first half of this letter on Monday, prior to the hurricane in the gulf coast. I am also overtaken that I chose the above picture prior to the massive flooding in New Orleans.

These events point my attention now more than ever for the need of humanity to call on the name of our Lord, and for we, as believers, to fast and pray for the victims of this catastrophe. The scripture I chose from Isaiah reflects in such an eerie way to me the truth that when evils, such as the hurricane, come against us, that God promises to raise up a standard against them. A standard is a “levy” designed to hold back the flood of evil coming against us.

In the light of this horrible occurrence, Christian people need to realize that we are part of that standard, that levy of protection. Our fasting and praying is needed, but so are our resources. A preacher once said that “our prayers are as good as our feet and hands work to make them come to pass.” It is not just enough to expect the answer to come from some place out there. We must actively become a part of the standard, and God will be the almighty force to hold it together.


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