He is the Ontime God

He is the On-time God
Just like clockwork creator
He’s the Never too late, never premature
Just-in-the -nick-of-time Messiah

He’s the just at the right time sacrifice
The at the midnight hour savior
The clockwise crusader of our counter-clockwork condition
He’s the big hand to the littlest of child-like hands

He’s the span of the plan
The perpetual propitiation man, the eternal program
The price programma provider
The auspicious Author of endless action

The in-step, in-sink, in the groove
And always on schedule Lord
He’s the beat that goes on, and on, and on…
He’s the takes-a-licking-and-keeps-on-ticking motivator

The ever-ready resurrection
The Rolex of righteousness who made and owns
All the finest Swiss jewels
He’s the on time, on timely God

The Father of all the little father times
Greater than New Year’s Eve Time’s Square, UP There
He’s the everlasting eon in the city four square
The last Adam in the atomic clock reminder

Enoch’s instant epoch, Ezekiel’s fiery wheel winder
The Christ of the celestial calendar
The ceaseless season sender
He’s the timepiece of the universe

The keeper of our finest hour
The returning King who will be fashionably…
ON time The God who was, who is, who is to come

He’s the just at the right time God


About Friar Timothy, Franciscan Urban Mission, INC.

Disciple of Jesus Christ with a Progressive Message, Author, Franciscan Friar, Musician, Social Activist, and Urban Missionary View all posts by Friar Timothy, Franciscan Urban Mission, INC.

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