The Secret to Life

Ephesians 3:9 and 1:9
Billy Crystal was a city slicker  on  a wild west adventure driving cattle across the desert plains. The cattle boss, a rugged old man, mean, grim and tough , had the secret of life that Billy would soon learn By his experience on the trail. What was that secret?
     Billy had come to the western adventure bored with life, and with the feeling that life had no meaning. When he helped that rugged old man assist in the birthing of a calf, Billy’s eyes were opened to the wonder and miracle of life. His attitude changed. The experience of bringing a new life into this world opened the eyes of a man who had lost vigor and enthusiasm for living.
     We have been given a glimpse of a similar story by the Apostle Paul. We are told in Ephesians that God, “…having made known the mystery of His will…to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the world hath been hid….” (1) is leading us to learn the secret to life as well.
     Think about it. The God of the universe revealing to us a secret and in the showing of it we receive something greater than the knowledge of the secret. We receive new vigor and enthusiasm. A new sense of purpose. The essence of life imparted in our lives! It is a secret that only the child of God can know and receive from. The world cannot grasp this knowledge. Many others can’t unlock the door to it’s understanding. The distracted people of this world cannot learn the mystery. It is only for those whose hearts are in tune with the message giver.
It is for those who surrender their minds to the great mind of Christ. For the submissive. For the adopted child of the Heavenly Father who knows no difference between adoption and original birth. They have bonded to Him. And when the bonding occurs, He whispers the secret quietly to them as they draw close to Him.
     He says that He has had it planned from eons ago. (2)A fellowship to give us happiness and peace. Grace flowing right from the One we are bonded to. Heart to heart and Mind to mind. Transcended knowledge. The heart of love. And it brings Him good pleasure to give us all of these. We awake to new life stunned in awe of the magnitude of treasure our Heavenly Father has given. Jesus said that we should “lay up treasures in Heaven where moth and rust doth not decay.”(3)The He went to prepare a place for us and it is a place unimaginable. But the reality now is that the essence of all of that lives in us right now! The Kingdom is within us. John Winber said it this way. “The King is and is not yet.” (4) We have great things now and get great things in the future too! That’s the secret. We can have joy and peace, love and fellowship now, based on His presence in our lives and the knowledge of good things to come. Joy down in our hearts brought by the King of hearts, peace that passes all earthly wisdom, love unconditional and eternal, and fellowship with Jesus Christ. That is the secret to life.     


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