The debate and outcr

     The debate and outcry continues over the fictional movie released this weekend called “The Davinci Code”. The primus of the movie is that the Catholic Church has covered up a secret for centuries. The secret, (merely fictional), has a few facets to it. First, that Jesus was married to Mary of Magdalena, because a second century story rather infers that he kissed her a lot. The problem is that the document is not written by an eyewitness of the events or by a friend of an eyewitness of the events. That is why it is not in the cannon. In addition, the papyri are blank at the most crucial point. It says, ‘Jesus kissed her on the ————.” Therefore, the story could say on the hand, foot, head, ECT. It is just not credible.
     Another facet of the movie infers that the first century church did not believe that Christ was God in the flesh, or more theologically correct; Emmanuel, God with us, God incarnate; very God and very man. Dan Brown, the author of the story, has his characters saying that the emperor Constantine, in the 3rd century, initiated the belief in the deity of Christ at the council of Nicea. He also states that the some 300 bishops narrowly passed the doctrine. This is not true at all. In fact, the first century church believed what Jesus taught them to believe, and what He was crucified for, which was blasphemy. Not only these, there are ancient Roman letters to Domitian complaining about the Christians who would not worship him as God because they worshiped Jesus as God. Hummmm, Mr. Brown? Who was Jesus? Yes, the third century Gnostics said that he was only a prophet, just a physical man, and that humans have a divine spark within that with a secret knowledge can be ignited. The same philosophy that new age is today; goes to show us that Solomon was right. There is nothing new under the sun.  Jesus was truly God in the flesh.  He called himself the “I am.” He claimed to be the Son of God and God in the flesh and the first century believers knew it, believed it, wrote about it, sang about it, and died because of it.
     Another facet of what movie critics are calling very long two hours claims that the books of the New Testament and the four gospels were not decided upon until Nicea. On and on the scoffers go…. This is old stuff. The fact is that All four of our Canonical gospels were written and in circulation prior to the end of the first century as well as all of the epistles. Eyewitness to the life and miracles of Jesus Christ wrote all these books. They were people such as the Apostles, and students of the apostles. These folk are the disciples. The reason why there is a difference between the Apostolic Creed and the Nicene Creed is because….? Right. It existed prior to the end of the first century. Then there are saints like Polycarp, Irraneus, John Mark, and other disciples of the Apostle whose writings we have that support the truth that stands against that which the Davinci Code states.
     Therefore, another movie, another controversy to divert our attention, around we go…. Listed below is a tomb of scripture, unfortunately in the KJV, (the only program I had to search with the Greek), on the work knowledge, knowing, to know, what we know, can know, do know, should want to know, and should want to avoid knowing. I call it the “And we know club” taken from Elder Ward’s sermon this Sunday, on Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good, to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”  I pray that all of you will come to the real knowledge and ever- increasing faith this and every day!


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