A Change of Poilcy and Polity

     Six years ago, the mantra of the conservative agenda was to return the taxes to the people. The candidate for president then stated that tax dollars belonged to the American people and we should be able to keep more of our money. I agree. However, what has actually happened?
     Most of us in the low to middle class received a “rebate” check taken out of the surplus from the Clinton Budget of about $300.00. We were all immediately elated that there was an extra few hundred notes to spend, and we did. Taxes reduce a bit, and so the surplus, turned quickly back into a budget deficit that is now compounding upon an already enormous national debt at home and one owed abroad. Then there is the enormous spending on the war, driving up the debt into the billions, billions that we do not have.
     They tell us the economy is strong and Americans can keep more of their money because they have kept taxes low. That is not really the case for the poor, lower class, and the middle class.
Natural gas prices have raised so much, that our own person budget with Columbia gas rose from $90.00 per month $184.00 per month. Our electric budget with Kentucky Utilities has risen from $44.00 per month to $90.00 per month. Both of these bills went up 100%. Then, there is the cost of gasoline for the autos. The price of a gallon of milk has risen also, as many other essential items in the grocery store. Meat has risen, for example. Mr. Bush, the average American IS NOT keeping more of their money in their pockets, they are paying much more for essentials that were under control in the last administration. In addition, our incomes are not going up, they are staying the same. So, we are getting poorer, only the top 4% wealthiest Americans are getting wealthier.
     True religion undefiled has become the religious pride of the self-righteous privileged upper class of the right wing. At the urging of the conservative forces bent on their own interpretation of moral principal, America has forsaken the cause of social justice, the plight of the poor, and the security of the elderly and disabled; with congress taking steps to ensure the demise of social security. They certainly have not done anything to bolster its own fluency.
     As a Franciscan brother, I find it unconscionable for our society to be in neglect of its own people and future, and the legacy of its children. I find it to be unchristian and morally reprehensible for one party to politicize a moral agenda against the social rights of any particular group to gain votes and at the same time ignore the demoralized and needy. No, faith based groups, Mr. Bush, are not big enough to handle all of the poor, needy, starving, orphaned, and disabled. That is why Lady Liberty shines the light in New York Harbor and says, “Give me your’ tired, your’ poor, your hungry…” and that is why Christ said, “If you have done it unto the least one of these, you have done it unto me.” A change of policy and polity is certainly a need of America.

About Friar Timothy, Franciscan Urban Mission, INC.

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