The Many and the One

The Many and the One Time”

Did you ever wonder about God‘s timing or about the phrase “In the dispensation of the fullness of times…?” (1) The word times, in the plural tense, indicates that God is in control of more than one time line. More than one set of circumstances or events. He is specifically in control of each person and at the same instant in control universally of the many. In control of each individual’s events and can intervene at any time and specifically, the right time for that person, circumstance or event. In the New American Standard Bible Romans, 5:6 states this way: “For while we were…at the right time Christ died for the ungodly.” There is more that just one instance of time indicated here, which you will see if you will carefully read the text. The phrase “ for while we were” implies each of us when we were fixed  in sin at different times. Each of us have been in sin at different places on this time line we live on. Since that is true, than Christ’s death transcends any fixed point on that time line, because He died at the right time “while we were yet sinners.” We have each come to know Christ at different times and certainly sinned in different months, seasons, and years. We are diverse and what it took to bring us to Christ is then just as diverse. It surpasses the limitations of any one fixed point in time and becomes the time when He reached each of us with His death, and His life. Each one is different. God is omnipresent in time. He is neither limited nor fixed to any certain point, so that any point at which He touches the lost and brings them home becomes the right time. The right time is really an archetype of each time Christ delivers, heals, touches, and saves. It is the universal time of the call and the individual time for each saint. We can rejoice today that our Father has a specific plan that is according to His kind intention for us, (2) and that He executes it at just the right time. It is just the right time for each of us!

          It is awesome to realize that it is at that point when He then brings us to Himself, in the heavenly sphere of timelessness where He abides.  Suddenly, we become limitless in Him translated into His presence and power. We begin to abide in Him and that means that when begin to live on His time schedule and in His perfect timing not measured but experienced. If we abide in Christ, then we can realize all the right moments in the dispensing of His will for ourselves. We are to consecrate ourselves. That simply means to set aside time for God.  Those who have been idle must rise up and synchronize with the pulse of the Almighty God.  The Spirit calls us to His presence and this is the right time. The acceptable moment He has chosen for healing, salvation, and holiness. As He is so we must become and when He is, so must we be also. (3)  That, my beloved, is now.

(1) Ephesians 1:10

(2) Ephesians 1:5

(3) I John 4:17


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