At our foundation is

     At our foundation is the infinite. The grassroots of the new monastic is the unending multidimensional creative mind that originates with the divine Creator. As this mind operates collectively, a revolution begins to immerge that is spiritually magnetic. What makes such a revolution irresistible?
     A transcendent lifestyle lifts one out of the mundane. It is radical Christianity with the real power first displayed 2000 years ago. It is the progressive process of transformation through radical redemption; a higher learning and yearning. We are they who are not satisfied with the regular and mundane, but live in a “supranormal” existence. We live the Holy irregular divine nature. With intent, we cast off the societal norm. We choose to be “completely other than” the status quo.
     Neither the left nor right nor in the middle, we are radically lifted and baptized by One Spirit. Ours is the chosen abandonment of all social peer pressure; the market driven status keeper; material motives; and therefore along with the disappearance of these also falls away the divisive motives of greed that drive wars and humanitarian crimes.
     This ecumenism breaks down barriers and unites in peace and faith the hearts of hungry souls. Everywhere we await the return of Jesus Christ, as the walls come down. Moreover, because of this common cause, we find ourselves busy. We are concerned with the mission of serving humanity in the spirit of perfect charity.
     Facing the challenges in the world today, we can no longer afford to be timid. We must boldly point out injustice and petty behaviors; encouraging humanity to replace such with the values and ethics of our loving God.

     God make haste the coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ, One World, in peace, without end.  Amen.


About Friar Timothy, Franciscan Urban Mission, INC.

Disciple of Jesus Christ with a Progressive Message, Author, Franciscan Friar, Musician, Social Activist, and Urban Missionary View all posts by Friar Timothy, Franciscan Urban Mission, INC.

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