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It is possible to travel down the clear road of progress on a sure and unshakable foundation; one of certain truth and unmistakable faith.  If I had to sum up the message of the ministry of the Innerstream that would certainly be a part of the total. The reason to me is quite clear, because the body of Christ must never come to a stand still; it should keep up with the times to be relevant to the needs of society. The gospel must be culturally relevant to be socially accessible. My thinking goes on to the fact that there are forces out there that would dismantle the very foundation of Christian truth in order to achieve social freedoms. I do not believe that is necessary, nor spiritually prudent. In fact, I believe that to leave the apostolic tradition and clarity behind on the road of progress is a grave mistake. I believe we can do better.
    The Bible and society need not be at odds. In fact, it is highly possible, for example, to believe in the Inspiration of the New Testament by the Holy Spirit, (as Jesus promised would happen), and to interpret what is written entirely differently than that of the fundamentalists. I think a lot of progressives are so offended by what the fundamentalist interpret the Bible to say, that they mistakenly misread the bible themselves, or simply avoid parts of it altogether; and that is not necessary either. You see, as a liberal progressive, let me restate that so as not to line up with the definition of Bill O’rielly or what’s her name; I, as a religious (not secular) progressive liberal believe it is entirely possible to believe in a loving God that is able to clearly communicate to His children through the written word of others by the inspiration of His Holy Spirit. Were they fallible them selves? Of course, yet God was able to empower them on the day of Pentecost as Jesus promised. Luke tells us about it at the end of his account, so does John in chapters 14 through 16, Isaiah in chapter 12, 55, Joel in chapter 2, and there are many other accounts concerning the Dunamis ( empowering-cloathed-upon-with-the-power-of-the-might-and-ability-of-God/being Spirit filled). Oh, by the way, that did not end at any given time.
    God promised that all humanity would be overshadowed by the Spirit, that the Dunamis is available to all. There are some on the planet earth who are really full, I mean, full of the Spirit of God. They do pray every day, they do worship every day. They do lay down there material possesions for the sake of others every day. They do see the hand of God work miracles. These are facts. I have seen some myself, but not many.
    So, I cannot stop myself from my imagination. Like John  Lennon, I image a world living in peace. I see justice. I see the poor minister too and the sick healed. I see Aids defeated and war ended. Yes, it may take the return of the King of Kings to finally get there, but He has given we Christians the Dunamis to get there, until He comes.
    The Innerstream Praise team will be playing at the Kentucky Theater on World Aids Day, Friday December 1st,  as part of the Memorial service held by Aids Volunteers of Lexington, an annual event. We will also be playing for the children and adult patients recovering at Cardinal Hill Hospital on November 16th. This is the beginning of part of my vision. In the coming weeks I will be reflecting on some of that vision, and how you can be in agreement in prayer with me. I have a message to tell, some music to play, and lots of worship and praise to encourage. Then there is the message of Ecumenism and Peace; justice and tolerance; and social moral integrity.
    Please join us in prayer as we venture into uncharted territory of blessing and ministry!

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