Monthly Archives: February 2009

New Medications Prescibed

As of this past monday, the 23rd of February, I have begun a new cocktail. The old one quit working, as my CD4 percentage had fallen from 34% to 18%.

When I began the virxsys study in 2005, the percentage of CD4 to the immune system had been very low, at 14%. Then, the injections of VRX496 boosted me back to a respectable range, up to the high 30’s. However, in the past few months, there has been a drop.

We have dropped the Combivir and Viread in favor of Incintrex, Rayaton, and Ratonivir, while keeping the Fuzeon injections twice a day. This means that I am actually now taking one more anti-viral per day than before.

Currently, my CD4 level is at about 430. Not too bad.

Stay tuned to this station for more info.