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Update – A Child By Mercy

I have just approved the final interior proof, so we are now off to the printer! I will be announcing the release date as soon as I have it, which should be forthcoming!


Update – A Child By Mercy

The final proof corrections have been sent and received by I Universe as of the 21st. Hopefully by the middle of next week I will be able to approve the final proof and then the book will be type set and ready to print. It is almost done!

The marketing department is going to work on the Baker and Turner catalogue add, which will be a full color advertizement in Forcast Magazine, which reaches over 50,000 booksellers, librarians, and buyers.

I seek your prayers that this memoir will be used for God’ glory to reach may people who struggle with sexual addictions.

Mindy Arrives Today!

Today, Friday April 16th is the day our new Director of Grant research and executive assistant arrives from Mt. Vernon, Il. Mindy McWilliams, a participant in the Mission of Grace team from the Grace Community Church heard a call from God to move to Lexington while she was here in February on our project house mission. Mindy has served as a grant writer for seven years in the area of the physically challenged advocates, has been on several mission trips such as the Katrina relief efforts, and is simply multi-talented!
She will be researching and writing grants for the Francisan Urban Mission, helping to coordinate our projects, and working hands on in the field. She will also serve as an assisant to Brother Timothy. We are excited over the prospects of the future God has planned for us!

If you wish to help support Mindy, you may send a donation to the Franciscan Urban Mission and earmark it for Mindy.

Brother Timothy

Book Update!

The final corrections have been sent to the Publisher. The word is that it will be 3-5 days for the corrections to to be made. Then, final approval and we are off to the press!

Be Watching, as it looks as though the book will come out sometime this month, way sooner than I expected!

Update – A Child By Mercy

“A compelling and honest memoir of Timothy’s spiritual journey. A Child by Mercy(c) gives insight into sexual addiction and the need for God’s grace and healing.

Timothy also reveals his emotional challenges with HIV/AIDS and the hope and faith that God provides for persons with such struggles.

A Child by Mercy (C)will be available at Barnes and Nobel and Soon.

A Child By Mercy

My new Book, A Child by Mercy, Out of Darkness and Into God’s Grace, is now in the design phase and cover art production.

A Child By Mercy – Soon to Be Released

My New Book, a child by mercy, is in the production phase with I Universe at this time, and will soon be released upon completion of final editing. The book is a compelling look at the struggle I faced growing up having endured molestation as a young child. Through these experiences I developed social axiety problems and sexual orientation issues, which I projected on others, resulting in child-on-child abuse.

This is a story of healing, making amends, and finding peace with Jesus Christ in the Evangelical church through a call to a monastic life. My book confronts the politiacally charged issues surrounding the gay-rights movement and the Bible, as well as how I believe churches should respond to individuals who seek membership as Christ followers.

Watch for A Child by Mercy (C) , Out of Darkness and Into God’s Grace at Barnes and Noble and