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Latest Labs

It has really been a while since I have posted on this blog. I only have about ten blogs now, on everything, including my new Book “A Child By Mercy” www.ACHildByMercy.Com; a blog about it on Word Press, Face book, and then there is the Franciscan Urban Mission, Inc; along with the new order I am founding, The Order of the Evanagelical Franciscan Fellowship.
So, I have been writing a lot, just not on this particular site. In November, I suffered two heart attacks, that were fairly mild. The first was on Wednesday the 23rd, just before Thanksgiving. You would know that I would end up in the hospital and miss the Turkey Dinner my mom prepares every year! I had three blockages, one at the LAD just below the Aortic junction at 100%, and one at the circumflex at 75%, and another on the right side at 50%. They put stents in on the two on the left side and left the right side alone. I was discharged on Friday evening. On that Saturday evening, I had another mild MI, which my cardiologist believes was a coronary spasm, causing the heart attack. I am on Plavix, and Altase, with a daily dose of Aspirine.
My HIV labs look good. The CD4 is at 627 and the Viral load is down to 98 copies. Potassium is a little high at 5.1, and I am on Testosterone injections to maintain a normal level. Outside of the normal fatigue from the medications and the neuropathic pain in my feet from time to time, all is well. The Virxsys injections have given me longevity, a great gift for which I am thankful.