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Unbelievable—the Islamic Obama?

This opinion comes from a fairly moderate democrat Franciscan Friar, a brother who is supposed to work for peace, social justice and the integrity of this good, created planet we live on. What I find amazing from reading my Facebook page today and watching Fox news last night, is the pervasive belief among ultra-right individuals that President Obama is a Muslim who is out to help the Islamic Fundamentalist in the middle east gain a foothold to power. One such person wrote “…he is promoting Sharia’ law from the Oval Office.” How absurd.

    The order of Franciscans that I made my life-long vows in was founded by a wonderful lady Pastor from North Dakota some twenty-seven years ago. She happens to be a United Church of Christ minister. That should ring a bell. That is the denomination that the infamous Reverend Wright is in who lead the congregation in Chicago that President Obama attended when he lived there, in his early years. Those years were really ones of obscurity, until his fast-track to the Senate and then on to run as President. It is not uncommon for African-American churches to address social issues pertaining to inequities and racism, because they still exist. That is simply a fact.

     As a Franciscan, I can tell you that I am against war. I do realize that sometimes it is a necessary evil in order to stop and evil empire. But sometimes, war is unjustified and started by a lie, or some lies, such as Desert Freedom. Now–understand that I fully support our troops because they follow the orders given them, and serve us faithfully. This is not about them. It is about the administration that sold us a lie. What does this have to do with Obama and Rev. Wright? —everything. The right to speak boldly and strongly about a war that killed thousands of innocent civilians needlessly based upon a lie. And I do not buy the argument that we need to take out Saddam. You know as well as I that if we really wanted to do that, we could have killed him by lifting the anti-assassination executive order filed by an earlier administration. The same goes for Osama Ben Laden. We had the chance when he was in Saudi Arabia and Clinton said no, because the Saudi Prince was there too. So what. The Saudis only cooperate with us when they have their own interest in mind. Remember—the majority of the 911 hijackers were from where? Saudi Arabia. Don’t tell me the Saudi intelligence didnt’ know about them.

    So, back to the President. Back to Christianity, and freedom of speech, freedom of expression and religion. Why is it that we Christians are the only people in America entitled to freedom of religious expression, and all others should keep out? Why is it that Christians and Jews should be granted the right to govern themselves and Muslims kept in the desert of economic depression?

     I believe in a world where everyone lives at peace, where everyone has equality. I believe and pray for the peace of Israel, the source of my Faith in the beginning.  I also pray for the Palestinians to have freedom and justice as well. I pray for this country, where we all have or should have equal opportunity and where everyone has freedom of expression without being labeled what they are not. So, just as I am not what some will say I am after reading this, neither is our President the Muslim extremist others accuse him of being. Let’s try focussing on becoming who God intends each one of us to be in honesty, and stop this ridiculous rhetoric.