Ministries I Love To Support

I support:

Kingdom2 Every Mardi Gras our city has a huge influx of church groups from all over the country that come here to “evangelize”…. Probably most are well meaning, kind, and truly show the love of the Father to the lost. But every year it breaks my heart to hear all these stories from our homeless friends and others who were being berated, screamed at, and even their personal property damaged, and in some cases felt in physical danger from these “Christian” groups. Sunday night, one of our friends had to step in and protect a “traveler” girl that was high from a “Christian” that was irate trying to get her to “repent”and became physically aggressive with her! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? Some of their signs read “truth is hate to those who hate the truth”. Sorry, there is no hate in the truth. Period. Your LIFE should be a sign that points to truth. The only time Jesus became harsh and aggressive was at the self- righteous RELIGIOUS leaders that were perverting the gospel for their own personal gain. Jesus is our model for ministry and He was ALWAYS LOVE to every lost person He encountered. And the cross is not something to throw in someone’s face as a tool of condemnation. It represents the ULTIMATE ACT OF LOVE poured out for all mankind. JESUS. And yes, Heaven is real and so is hell. SHOW them Heaven and they will not want hell. Rant over it!  Heather Hager Burnam, Minister and Evangelist in New Orleans. 


AND I also support

River Ministries International This is my home church. Pastors Butch and Susan LaBauve. The Holy Spirit is on the move in this church where the Lord is given total control. It is truly amazing what the Lord Jesus is doing in my life alone there.

One missions project is ministry to Cambodia, where they have sent care packages to the children of one village, and have been involved in the planting of three churches there as well.

There is a recovery class,, a very good children’s ministry and youth ministry, a great worship team, and a Saturday Night Service as well.

The church is located in Addis, Louisiana, at 7615 HWY 1 South and the phone is 225-687-7777. If you are close to Baton Rouge, I encourage you to visit us Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings at 10 AM.



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