I have never found that conservatism promotes diversity. I have always found that conservatism realistically puts everyone in a cookie cutter and promotes uniformity. I do not think that conservatives understand the definition of diversity, nor why there is strength through diversity. Diversity is not divisiveness, as a democratic society. The state Motto of Kentucky is “United we stand, divided we fall” pointing to strength from diversity.The state seal pictures a member of each party, one from the left and one from the right shaking hands. The mnemonic “E unibus pluram” is the motto of the United States Economic system, “out of many, one”. WE are melting pot of DIVERSE people, and that should be celebrated, protected, and yes it is why we have a Constitution and bill of rights to protect the rights of all people and to prevent one religious philosophy from imposing their brand of religion upon others. Unity does not mean, in the scope of America, that everyone has to think the same, look the same, talk the same. No, progressive socialism teaches just the opposite. Even in the beginning of our nation, puritans, Lutherans, Calvinists, and pluralists formed this nation to keep their diverse rights in place and prevent one sect from ruling the other by religion through law, which is what they fled England from. King Henry Viii thru out Rome and made Anglican the law of the land, and killed anyone who would not convert. Queen Elizabeth changed England back to Roman Catholicism and killed anyone who would not convert back to that. King James changed the religion of England Back to Anglicanism and did the same. American was founded on the rights of diverse people to co-exist freely. and thereby protect the FREEDOM of Religion for all people who would immigrate to Her. You have the freedom to practice your religious belief, and perhaps if you really did, you would really reach an society that does not know the true God of Christianity. Just food for thought… perhaps you are and if so, keep it up, and stop blaming Progressive Democrats for the sinful woes of society.


About Friar Timothy, Franciscan Urban Mission, INC.

Disciple of Jesus Christ with a Progressive Message, Author, Franciscan Friar, Musician, Social Activist, and Urban Missionary View all posts by Friar Timothy, Franciscan Urban Mission, INC.

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