A Resonse to Julianni’s Question at the RNC 2016 – What Happened to One America

Julianni – here is what happened to “one America” – The right wing went ultra right, wanting to take away benefits from Seniors and the disabled. Wanting to take away health care from people who cant afford it. Wanting to keep low taxes on the 1% who control 90% of the wealth and putting the greatest part of the tax burden on the poorest classes, squeezing out the middle class altogether and destroying the American Dream.
When you want to further disenfranchise the black population by not renewing the voting rights act of 1965, by lowering tuition subsidies for low income students, by not passing housing, job, and civil rights for all people, including LGBT persons, or those who have HIV and are perceived as being LGBT. By your rhetoric and disdain for folks who have different religious beliefs than you do…by pointing the finger at your political opposites for mistakes that are far less important than the crimes of those such as Christie the druggie, Nixon the evidence destroyer, Bush II the federal money launderer, Cheney, the corporate contract favor….

That is why there is Division because of your self righteousness and rhetoric.


About Friar Timothy, Franciscan Urban Mission, INC.

Disciple of Jesus Christ with a Progressive Message, Author, Franciscan Friar, Musician, Social Activist, and Urban Missionary View all posts by Friar Timothy, Franciscan Urban Mission, INC.

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