The Planks of my Personal Political Views – A Democrat in the spirit of new progressive thought

A Democrat in the spirit of new progressive thought


I am pro-life in the sense that I oppose abortion on demand for the purpose of contraception. I oppose late term, midterm, and early abortion for the lack of forethought in the use of other forms of contraception.

I am pro-choice in the sense that women should choose to use effective contraception if they are sexually active in order to prevent pregnancy.

I am against the intrusion of the Government, however, in the right to free choice. Abortion should be safe, legal, and very rare.

I am pro-immigration legally into the United States by all people, and for immigration reform.

I am pro fighting the war on drugs, starting with the abuse of them in the United States which is responsible for 80% of the world’s drug imports.

I am pro II amendment rights, while at the same time regulation of the kinds of weapons being sold, and limiting all gun sales to a five-day waiting period, including stopping the immediate sale at gun shows.

I am socially liberal and physically conservative.

I am in favor of fair taxation designed to rebuild the middle class, pull those in poverty up out of the poor class, and the responsibility of the wealthy to pay their fair share. Fair and equal sacrifice.

I am for Universal Health care in a capital society.

I am for Social Security and stopping the borrowing against the trust fund, investing the American contributions into a growth oriented fund.

I am for fair and equal global trade.

I am for helping third world nations rebuild their nations into productive democracies so that their own people will prosper, and will have no need to immigrate elsewhere.

I for the proliferation of all Nuclear Arms on Planet Earth

I am for environmental responsibly and accountability over our Planet





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